Sunday, December 11, 2011

Basic Formula Memorize Katakana

How to memorize Katakana
To easily memorize the katakana letters typically use a formula by considering the initial letter as a benchmark. The example in memorizing katakana letters are: "A (ア), Ka (カ), Sa (サ), Ta (タ), Na (ナ), Ha (ハ), Ma (マ), Ya (ヤ), Ra (ラ)​​, O (ヲ), N (ン)".

If we already know the beginning letters of the Katakana, then we will easily remember the subsequent letters. Suppose, we know the initial letter : "A(ア)", then the next letter are : "I (イ), U (ウ), E (エ), O (オ)".

Furthermore, if we know the next word "Ka (カ)", then the next are: "Ki (キ), Ku (ク), Ke (ケ), Ko (コ)", and so have the same way on the initial letters "Sa (サ), Ta (タ), Na (ナ), Ha (ハ), Ma (マ), Ra (ラ)"​​.

For the beginning letter: "Ya (ヤ)", then next are "Yu (ユ)" and "Yo (ヨ)".
For the beginning letters: "O (ヲ)" and "N (ン)", there are no other words.

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