Monday, December 12, 2011

How To Practice Japanese Kana With Google Chrome

Learn Japanese Kana

We can train the katakana and hiragana using Google Extension if our default browser is Google Chrome. There are several ways to do it. Go to the Chrome Web Store by opening a new tab, then type in the Web Store Search Engine "Learn Kana". Will appear the search results i.e some extensions of what we are looking for. Please choose which ones we like, go to "Add to Chrome" to install for a few minutes. When you have installed, how to use it by opening a new tab then there will be an icon of the extension. Use it.

When we opened it, we will be greeted with "What is hiragana and katakana?". "How to Memorize it? Seems too complicated". Well, now  it is time to use the menus there to practice.