Thursday, January 5, 2012

Practice Hiragana AIUEO Stroke Orders

Here we can train how to write hiragana characters a, i, u, e, o. In the first column, accompanied by how to write hiragana letters, and in the second column and so on, write it by following the instructions in the first column. In this way, we will more quickly master the hiragana letters. You can print this and start practicing.

Hiragana A(あ), I(い), U(う), E(え), O(お).

Hiragana Practise
Stroke Romaji   1              2               3               4               5               6               7              

Practice A Hiragana In Words
   Hiragana      Romaji  English                 1                  2                   3                 4                  5                6              
あかい  Akai Red

あなた  Anata You

あお  Ao Blue

あさ  Asa Morning

あに  Ani Big brother

Practice I Hiragana In Words
   Hiragana      Romaji  English                 1                  2                   3                 4                  5                6              
いち  Ichi One

いえ  Ie House

いぬ  Inu Dog

いす  Isu Chair

いけ  Ike Pool

Practice U Hiragana In Words
   Hiragana      Romaji  English                 1                  2                   3                 4                  5                6              
うち  Uchi House

うま  Uma Horse

うみ  Umi Ocean

うし  Ushi Chow

うた  Uta Song

Practice E Hiragana In Words
   Hiragana      Romaji  English                 1                  2                   3                 4                  5                6              
えき  Eki Railway station

えいこ  Eiko England

えいご  Eigo English

えん  En Yen

えび  Ebi Shrimp

Practice O Hiragana In Words
   Hiragana      Romaji  English                 1                  2                   3                 4                  5                6              
おかしい  Okashii Funny

おいしい  Oishi Delicious

おおい  Ooi Lots of

おじ  Oji My uncle

おい  Oi Nephew

Listen AIUEO Hiragana

Saturday, December 31, 2011

How To Write A Hiragana

A Hiragana Stroke Order
There are three steps to write " (A)" Hiragana character. In the picture there are numbers 1, 2 and 3, which describes the start and end writing of hiragana and direction of the arrow describes the direction where the writing begins.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

20 Dakuon Dakuten Hiragana Characters

Migi : Right, Hidari : Left
Daku-on or Dakuten means Hiragana Characters marked by adding the double dots () at the up-side right. So, when the hiragana letters marked double dot at the up-side right, then it will change the sound. For example : は (ha) when added double dot at the up-side right : ば (ba). And subsequent letters from は (ha), ひ (hi),  ふ (hu/fu),  へ (he),  ほ (ho) became  ば (ba),  び (bi),  ぶ (bu),  べ (be),  ぼ (bo).

Remember the basic formula of 46 Basic Hiragana Letters or Sei-On : A, Ka, Sa, Ta, Na, Ha, Ma, Ya, Ra, Wa, N. So, only these Characters are tobe Dakuten or Daku-On :

1. か(ka)     2. き(ki)   3.  く(ku)    4.  け(ke)     5. こ(ko)
1. が (ga),   2. ぎ (gi),  3. ぐ (gu),  4. げ (ge),    5. ご (go)

6. さ (sa)    7.  し (shi)     8. す(su)     9. せ (se)     10. そ (so)
6. ざ (za)    7. じ (ji)        8. ず(zu)     9. ぜ (ze)    10. ぞ (zo)

11. た (ta)     12. ち (chi)     13. つ (tsu)     14. て(te)    15.  と (to)
11. だ (da)    12. ぢ (di/ji)    13. づ (zu/du) 14. で (de)   15.  ど (do)

16. は (ha)     17. ひ (hi)     18. ふ (fu)     19. へ (he)     20. ほ (ho)
16.  ば (ba)    17. び (bi)     18. ぶ (bu)    19. べ (be)     20. ぼ  (bo)

Dakuten examples in the words :

みず : mizu : water
かぜ : kaze : wind
かべ : kabe : wall

Want to know the pronounciation these 20 Dakuten? Visit and chose translate from Japanese then copy the Dakuten characters, paste to the translate box then use small speaker icon to listen.

Friday, December 23, 2011

How To Pronounce 46 Katakana Letters

The best way to learn the correct pronunciation of 46 Katakana letters is by listening. Please visit then choose "From Japanese to your language". In the box, copy these below Katakana letters sequentially:

Then click the speaker icon in the lower right side of the box to listen.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

25 Japanese Vocabularies In Katakana

Japanese Katakana For Beginners
1. ミルク : mirusu : milk
2. タオル : taoru : towel
3. ハンカチ : hankachi
4. トマト : tomato : tomato
5. インク : inku : ink
6. テレビ : terebi : television
7. バナナ : banana : banana
8. ラジオ : rajio : radio
9. パパイヤ : papaiya : papaya
10. ペン : pen : pen
11. ギター : gitaa : guitar
12. コーヒー : koohii : coffee
13. チョーク : cooku : chalk
14. ベッド : beddo : bed
15. フォーク : fooku : fork
16. ゴルフ : gorufu : golf
17. クラス : kurasu : class
18. アイロン : airon : iron
19. ベル : beru : bell
20. ドア : doa : door
21. ソファー : sofa : sofa
22. テーブル : teebura : table
23. ナイフ : naifu : knife
24. ナプキン : nafukin : napkin
25. スプーン : supuun : spoon

Budi Do Re Mi In Japanese Katakana

Budi doremi in Japanese Katakana
Budi doremi are the words that came from a foreign language. It is not native Japanese words, so the writing must use katakana. Budi derived from Indonesian language means "good". In Indonesia, Budi widely used for people's names. While do, re, mi is a scale used to measure high or low when singing. Below is Bu, Di, Do, Re, Mi, in Katakana :

Monday, December 12, 2011

How To Practice Japanese Kana With Google Chrome

Learn Japanese Kana

We can train the katakana and hiragana using Google Extension if our default browser is Google Chrome. There are several ways to do it. Go to the Chrome Web Store by opening a new tab, then type in the Web Store Search Engine "Learn Kana". Will appear the search results i.e some extensions of what we are looking for. Please choose which ones we like, go to "Add to Chrome" to install for a few minutes. When you have installed, how to use it by opening a new tab then there will be an icon of the extension. Use it.

When we opened it, we will be greeted with "What is hiragana and katakana?". "How to Memorize it? Seems too complicated". Well, now  it is time to use the menus there to practice.